The Tools

Posted on April 18, 2020

My parents bought me my first guitar when I was in the 7th grade … some unknown brand of electric (blonde finish with a white pick-guard) that came with a small amp.  I played around with this guitar, self-learning simple songs by ear (single notes melodies, no chords). I'm not sure what happened to this one … I think I gave it away when I got my first "real" guitar … a '69 Fender American Strat, sunburst with a rosewood fretboard. The Strat also came as a gift from my parents, who were very supportive and interested in helping me learn to play.

With this "real" guitar came private lessons from a teacher at the music store from where the guitar was purchased.  The teacher was a cool, long-haired musician in a local band, who taught me the basics (boring) while incorporating riffs and chords from popular songs that kept me interested.  These lessons lasted about a year, after which I started playing and practicing with other bandmates.

After about 4 years, I eventually sold my ’69 Strat when I decide to stop playing (see About Me), and it wasn't until over 27 year later that I started to acquire and play guitars once again.  Too bad I didn't keep this guitar ... I'm sure it would have increased in value, both financial as well as sentimental.

Below are the various guitars (and other instruments) in my current stable, including a few that have since been sold to make room for others. It's not a huge collection, but each one is unique in its own way, and they complement each other.

2018 Yamaha P115 Keyboard
2019 Nektar Impact LX49+ Midi-Keyboard